Thursday, February 7, 2019

"Doing God's work"

The post title is a quote from Associate Commissioner Rob Curtin in talking about these sorts of programs. It has stuck with me. 
I appreciated Molly Boigon's piece today for WGBH on (specifically) Kamary Adams Stokes and more broadly efforts to get young people back into school to complete their high school educations.
"You really have to go and find those kids and really make efforts to actually tailor what you are doing to their needs," she said. "Putting forward ... what they might gain from reengaging in school is really important."
Dupere said no one-size-fits-all approach to bringing students back to school works. "The needs of these young people are totally different. If we focus only on learning problems or school failure, we're going to miss a whole lot of kids who drop out for different reasons," she said.
It's some of the most important things we're doing in education. Give it a read. And reporters, please give us more of this. 

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