Monday, January 14, 2019

January Board of Ed: New Bedford charter matters

new plan in the best interest of the kids in all the city
letter of intent among all three parties laying out a path forward: New Bedford, Alma del Mar, DESE
Alma expand by 450 students on new building
neighborhood zone to be created by the district to attend this campus of Alma
Alma would gain a city facility would open 2019; gr. 1, 2, 6
will apply for grants
"a deal that has been a long time in coming"
"to be able to provide local control to give folks a chance to work together for something that works best for their what matters most"
still more work to do
"to keep trying to find common ground in these debates" rather than further division
going need agreements to go into greater detail
also will need legislation on Beacon Hill to make this work
asking for the Board's support, as well
will make motion at next meeting; January 22 meeting hope to have representatives from all parties to discuss further
Sagan: this could be a real breakthrough moment
"try to find some third ways forward...bridge some of the divide"
Doherty: teachers' union, parents involved?
Riley: understanding is that mayor has let others know
"and other legislative leaders"
Stewart: speak of legislation?
Riley: will need some legislation to cover this sort of model: variation on Commonwealth
allow city and charter school to talk to each other to get a better more nuanced deal
Stewart: Governor?
Riley: signalled they're supportive
"seems like we've got a local deal and something to go forward"
Moriarty: middle ground in 2019, devil in details
McKenna: after you get this settled, will you get the government open again?
Sagan: notes that if this doesn't go through, still a charter application that he can move on

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