Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Some personal-ish professional news: my certification as a school business administrator came through from DESE this morning. As I think I've mentioned here before, MASC put me through MASBO's program through Worcester State, because having more knowledge on staff is a good thing! Yes, that means that I'm not planning on changing what I'm doing for work, 'though it does mean that my respect for those juggling school business offices has increased.
Let me say that in addition to our executive director, who told me to go for it, and my colleagues, who took more than their share of Saturday trainings for two years so I could take the classes, I owe thanks to anyone who has ever asked me a school finance question that I couldn't answer, so I had to go figure it out. I also had the advantage of having served six years on the Worcester School Committee, and if you haven't picked up a whole lot about school finance from that, you aren't paying attention.
Also, my continued thanks to anyone who answers an email at 9pm on a weekday. It is that important.

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