Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Board of Ed in January, High school assessment

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Curtin: thank for attention on report cards, heard all of suggestions
will change 'student engagement' label prior to release
no action needed today on how we are going to handle the transition with tenth grade MCAS this year; how we will handle school and district accountability system in 2019
competency determination: Board has voted to have transitional competency determination
ability to do that is allowing us to run the accountability system as we have run it
at high school level still used CPI as measure of student achievement
placing students on the old MCAS scale, will continue to calculate CPI in 2019
then in 2020/21 will be able to move away from CPI to average scaled score as have done in 3-8
Sagan asks about transition
Curtin: there's going to be a messaging challenging there that we'll have to meet, but grade 3-8 experience has prepared us to meet it
Peyser: on Globe story, "sending the right signal to students and families as to where students really are"
"was about more than academic preparation, but there was a key component of that"
"we need to step up our game, in high school in particular"
"we need to send them the right signal as to if they are on track, to help them get on track"

Curtin: will be possible there will be additional indicators at high school level; the above deals with MCAS

McKenna: article, which was really disheartening
crosstalk with West here
Sagan, where do you set the level question

Riley: have done this thoughtfully with hold harmless language, as we sort this out
"we've got to get this right...to focus in a real deliberate way what this is going to look like"
Moriarty: accuracy of GPA as predictor of college success versus MCAS
what's going on junior and senior year with their GPA
McKenna: would like to see which colleges were successful

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