Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June Board of Education: history and social studies

backup is here
Riley: a comprehensive two year endeavor
hundreds of comments that have been absorbed
Peske: "rich, robust" engagement process
Sagan: I'd focus on changes and updates
Peske: five slides, changes from May to now, I think the time is six minutes
Dave Buchanan: concern about one standard at the end of high school course around race relations since 1960's
have done some work to broaden that standards; provides opportunities for students to look at impact on legislation over time
ties students to using data in studying social science
includes students in civics work group acknowledgements
footnote in grade 8 civics now includes Mendez which laid groundwork for Brown
Susan Wheltle: how best to include information about native peoples
important movements of late 20th century; now also includes movements around native sovereignty
Michelle Ryan: implementation over next year
three day institute coming up in July on civics, specifically focused on 8th grade course
integrated approach to history around literacy
quick reference guides coming in the fall
instructional support networks
vertical progression documents

Stewart: availability to families?
Peske: have tried to include families in all work
being more clear with teachers about what has changed since last standards
"don't have a complete plan sketched out but certainly thinking of families"

Fernandez: feedback loops?
engage working group over implementation?
Peske: variety of data sources to get feedback from educators themselves
more qualitative methods
get feedback from those who use quick reference guides and the like
share best practices around frameworks

Stewart: supplemental processes...does that get to the heart of the concern expressed by earlier speaker (from Deer Island)
Sagan: process for further revision?
Peske: shifting into implementation; build out set of resources
very much informed by needs of field
"are not poised to bring frameworks back for further revision anytime soon"

Peyser: pick up on comment on anticlimax
"this is really a very big deal"
"not just further content, but further quality"
"has implications for the rest of the curriculum"
"underlying document is quite strong, certainly stronger than what we began with"
"as much as implementation is the next step, assessment is" another
other sorts of assessment "to provide greater focus to the field"
capstone project "as suggested by Roberta"

McKenna: "has been a long, arduous task"
"DESE can listen and adjust...and change and adjust"
"which is hard to do"
"you sort of had everyone coming at you from every direction"
"not perfect, but coming to a place where people have to applaud your work"
"teachers are enthusiastic" but need help, looking for professional development

Moriarty: professional development on implemenation
"has to be a non-negotiable"
is some legislation
Peyser: "I don't think there's anything in there that would be in conflict with what we have done"
"may require some additional effort on our part to bring the two together"

Standards are approved uanimously

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