Thursday, June 28, 2018

Board of Ed in sum for June?

It's posted over here.

EDITED TO ADD: Can I just say a thing about this?

Earlier this week, Massachusetts:
  • got new standards in what we're teaching in history and social studies, including deep conversations around the histories of marginalized groups, of protest, of use of first person sources, of focus on whose stories are told.
  • adopted changed regulations around how we teach English language learners, among the fastest growing group of students in our school systems.
  • changed how we evaluate schools and districts and how we talk about that.
That's some pretty big stuff.
There was not a sound or syllable on this anywhere in the press, as far as I can find.

Yes, there is a lot going on. But all of the outcry over civics, over those not knowing history repeating it, over the weaponization of language, over questions of who speaks what and why, over who has resources and who does not, over what it is we're doing when we educate kids? That's all in here.


It is really important when we change history standards and talk about whose history we teach.
It is really important when we adjust how we teach kids who learn English and talk about who speaks what language and why.
It is really important when we shift our measurement and evaluation of schools and how we talk about this.

These are all current, highly-relevant conversations that are being had at every level. What we do with our kids informs the future of this country and the world at large. 
We really can't afford to skip this stuff.

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