Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June Board of Education: ELE proposed regs

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Moriarty says he has an issue for the proposed seal of biliteracy
public comment received April to May: 130 comments
vocational educators is one set
four sets having to do with LOOK Act
"quite enthusiastic about these regulations" further work with language learners in our state
expands SEI endorsement to vocational ed teachers and evaluators and supervisors of such teachers
postponing proposed SEI endorsements to July 2021
working group to assess ability of including SEI in pathway to voke licensures
SEI endorsement courses for Feb 2019 and fall 2019

process for new SEI or alternative English learner program by districts
English learner parent advisory councils required
bilingual education endorsement covers all bilingual programs with English learners
on seal of biliteracy: English through means other than MCAS
multiple opportunities to demonstrate English proficiency
align with higher ed standards on earning credits for foreign language
on additional level of distinction in guidance

Riley: "I feel like unlike history...this is much more truncated"
"time to reflect, to put something in the field and see how it goes...give ourselves some time to tweak"
suggestion that we go forward and look at the data and see where we are
Peyser: we need to get out in the field, get to implementing, and see how it goes
Sagan: we do have a law and we need to get out in the field and start implementing

Moriarty: proposes moving all by seal of biliteracy
concern about standards set in seal of biliteracy
he clearly has an issue with it but he isn't saying what
Moriarty: I don't know that there's a way of making changes on the floor
Sagan: Commissioner has said putting it out there and making working changes
Moriarty: so bothered by "the low standard that that sets" that I am inclined to vote against it

McKenna: can we talk about the whole thing first?
"we've been living with this English only mandate for fifteen years and have been struggling with it"
"and I think it has a lot to do with the achievement gap"
a little concerned about the regulation, but "I put my trust in the Commissioner"
"Sheltered English programs are what got us into trouble in the first place...but I leave this to you[Riley] to fix"
"now that we have this mandate, let's have some urgency around it"
"there's some real difference between being a bilingual educator and an English learner teacher"'
you can speak both but that doesn't mean you can teach bilingual education
I really think pedagogical methods means a lot
"this should point out to us that our fastest growing population is our Latino teachers in our Gateway cities"
"short not only EL teachers, but also special ed, guidance who are bilingual who can assess these kids"
"they're not around"
"I think we need to jump in here...I think if we do this well over the next couple of years...I think we'll see real movement in the achievement gap"
"thrilled to see this happening, leaving it to Jeff to make it right"

Riley: "let's see what works and what doesn't" as we move forward
"I do appreciate your point about language"

McKenna: have had thousands and thousands of teachers and before we have thousands more take it
"we should at least survey them"
"it deserves being looked at before others take it"

Fernandez: in support of taking a wait and see approach given the trucated nature of process
"would urge some time spent on setting a vision...what is our North Star?"
what we want for our English Language learners and all children in this state
do we want to become a multi-lingual state?
what are the goals we're setting there and what are we doing to get there

Peyser: Sheltered English not being outlawed
ensure that the alternative programs are researched based, quality programs
"trying to actually move the needle on achievement and academic improvement"

Sagan: not that I don't share (Moriarty)'s concern, but we have to implement the legislation
message to department is "this is very complicated" and expect them to come back to us

roll call on separating, which fails

McKenna: can I ask what your issue is?
Moriarty: concerned with MCAS 10th grade
"how many students who have passed 10th grade MCAS for proficiency"
higher ed students who have to go into remediation
wants to be "somewhat parsimonious about giving them out"
what about speakers of other languages?
"if you're not reaching those standards...God forbid you had to take remedial English in community college" after you got a seal of biliteracy "what are we doing"
value of dual literacy in employement sector
Riley: what is appropriate standard to use "and I don't know that we know that yet"
would recommend that we approve this and adjust as necessary

regulations approved 8-1, Moriarty opposed

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