Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June Board of Education: FY19 budget update

Riley: I am watching this very closely
"I know there's some despondency over the millionaire's tax, including mine"
long term have to look at what needs of educational community are

Bell: I don't have any magical solutions to the bigger topics that were here awhile ago
FY18 winding down
three more full work days in FY18
have finalized second round of FY18 hurricane relief appropriation
schedule payments for tail end of this year; districts can carry over to next year
federal government made available $2.5B over natural disasters
have applied for funding; have yet to get a decision on what award would be

FY19: Legislature put $5B interim spending bill to Governor
"I don't have an exact update on where Conference stands"
"obviously a lot that's been going on with other pieces of legislation that have fiscal impacts as well"
biggest concern is history MCAS funding
differences in local aid; Senate was higher

opening FY19 on federal funding
putting together various applications for programs administer over next month and into August

Peyser: implementation of new frameworks that we just approved
well over half a million dollars to support implementation of standards

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