Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

and it's a light agenda...
There's an executive session to discuss collective bargaining with IAs, OT/PT assistants, and administrative secretaries, plus a grievance from an HVAC technician.

There is a report on social-emotional learning (as yet, no backup).

There are some appointments, retirements, and recognitions.

Mr. Monfredo wants to ask the state to fund full-day preschool and wants to discuss a program for four year olds. Please consider this your reminder that the Foundation Budget Review Commission "recognized" preschool; also recall that it is not, by any means, the biggest dollar concern on the foundation budget for Worcester. Eyes on the prize, people.

Miss Biancheria would like a report on adult education in the vo-tech programs.

Miss McCullough is advocating for a sharing table (I think we already have them some places.)

Mr. O'Connell wants to fly the national, state, and city flags at all schools, and he wants a list of who is on CPPAC.

The committee is being asked to accept a $52,000 grant for MassGrad Promising Practices, which will work on competency-based education at the alternative programs.

The committee is being asked to accept donations:

  • $1,000 from Chapter 9 of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Association to Worcester Technical High School for a graphic communications scholarship for a deserving student
  • $560 to Tatnuck Magnet School from Gomez Enterprises, LLC (Trade name-McDonalds)
  • $ 35 from various donors to Tatnuck Magnet School

The committee is being asked to appoint three nurses.

The committee is also asked to authorize an "up to" five year lease of thirteen full-sized school buses. As Scott O'Connell covered in yesterday's T&G, this is about covering the after-school sports transportation, which didn't receive a single bid. If you read the backup memo (as always in finance, recommended), the proposal is to do this by reallocating funds. It also is a possible lead in to bigger changes:

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