Friday, December 22, 2017

Can you still weigh in on the Commissioner search? Sure!

I was asked this question yesterday at work, and I thought it might be of more general interest: yes, there are still ways to express your views in the search for a new Commissioner.
The screening committee has already met to review the applications; they will be doing confidential interviews during the first two weeks of January. While that list does not have contact information, you'll note that several of them are on the Board, and a number of them are otherwise public officials. I'll do some digging and see if I can come up with some contact information for them: UPDATE see below. And when I floated this online, I did receive this:
Vanessa Calderón-Rosado can be contacted at
Sydney Chaffee can be contacted at
Alex Cortez works for New Profit, which doesn't post an email.
I can't find an email for Paul Dakin, but as you can see, he does respond on Twitter!
I can't find an email for Marcia Faucher.
Robert Gittens works for Cambridge Family and Children's Services, which doesn't list an email.
Unlike the K-12 Board, the Higher Ed Board doesn't appear to have email addresses (and I can't find one for Monty Tech quickly), so thus far none on Sheila Harrity.
Matt Hills can be contacted at
Oddly, MBAE gives Twitter and LinkedIn for Linda Noonan but no email.
The Early Ed Board likewise doesn't give emails, but the Davis Foundation does have a form you can fill out for Mary Walachy.

The screening committee will then send finalists to the full Board, who will interview them on January 22. The Board's contacts are online,  so you can certainly get in touch with them.
And remember: plenty of people do things like read the Globe's letters, too, so you might try that.

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