Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Board of Ed for December: Commissioner Search

Sagan: on track
screening committee met last night to select applicants to meet with
"extremely pleased" by quality of candidates
"I've not made up my mind yet who should be a finalist"
"very impressed by level of candidates"
diversity in mix of candidates: more than 1/3 women, more than 50% minorities and underserved communities
candidates being notified now
second week of January for confidential interviews
probably three brought forward
Monday the 22nd for longer special meeting of the Board probably in Boston for interviews
then regular meeting jointly with Higher Ed (in Bridgewater)
Friday the 26th and possibly Monday the 29th to select new commissioner

Sagan (clearly reacting to this article from yesterday): "there was no deadline"...if people come forward, we'll review them
(that's not the impression given by the description)
"very much focused on looking at educators to fill this job"
"someone very experienced in facets of fulfilling the job"

Doherty asks how many?
Sagan: between 15 and 18
2/3rds out of state; 1/3 in state

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