Monday, April 4, 2016

The Rise Act isn't dead yet

Per Senator Rosenberg* this afternoon, Speaker DeLeo responded to a question on the charter reform issue by saying that he looked forward to differences being hammered out in conference committee. That would require the House to have voted on some sort of a charter bill as well.
Thus, the Senate votes Thursday, and the House plans to vote on something.
That doesn't sound like DOA to me.

*in a phone call. So, yes, I'm my own source on this one.

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Max said...

There are a lot of good reforms in the RISE bill. But the House has shown no interest in charter reform, and a lot of interest in simply lifting the cap. I am glad to be patient but it seems like anything coming out of the House is going to be awful. And look at the reaction from Grogan and the rest of the charter screaming section. They can't believe anyone would want to limit them in any way, ever, no how.