Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Massachusetts House passed the consolidated budget amendment on education last night

The amendment is here. While there is a sizable list at the beginning of which amendments are included, most are not actually included in the bill that passed. To figure it out, you have to go account number by account number. Any chance we could possibly make this more user-friendly, Legislators? It is our money. 
Many of those that are in the consolidated bill are local items, rather than statewide items.
There is no change to McKinney-Vento reimbursement, to Quality K, to regional transportation, to district determined measures, to the special education circuit breaker.
The reversal of the current Massachusetts standards is not included.
The dual enrollment line item increase did go up to $2M. The $10M pothole account also passed, and it stayed an item specifically earmarked for districts hit by the change to economically disadvantaged.
There is a commission on the rising cost of college included, and there is a commission on low-incidence disabilities.
More as I have it or find it.

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