Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Board of Ed meeting is next week

Please note that I WILL NOT be liveblogging this one, as it happens at the same time as MASC's Annual Day on the Hill, when school committee members from across the state come to the State House.
You can find the agenda here.
The Board's Monday night meeting this month is devoted entirely to social and emotional learning. Remember how I told you that I was sure that the Rennie Center was heading in this direction? Check out who is speaking at the Monday meeting.
On Tuesday, after the usual array of comments, the Board will be hearing about the LEAP, Low-income Education Access Project, which is looking at the disparity that happens in some cases between the access that low income and higher income students have to special education.
They'll be getting updates on Holyoke and on Southbridge, as well as on the Level 5 schools.
They're having a preliminary discussion of some regulations recommended for rescinding.
The Commissioner will be updating the Board on the House FY17 budget.
There will also be a continuation of the discussion on the Foundation Budget Review Commission.

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