Thursday, October 15, 2015

Worcester School Committee meets at 7 (and we're taking interim appointment out of order)

The agenda is here.

taking interim out of order

Petty: not here to vote against anyone
Rodrigues second in charge
chosen CAO unanimously, contract renewed
keep the mometum going
"would like to see a good cast of people apply"
one of the most important selections we can make going forward
expect a good number of candidates going forward

O'Connell: speak in favor of Biancheria's item
break in superintendent
look at administration with a fresh set of eyes
where do we want schools to go for the next four or five years
"demonstrated allegiances to the school system"
"steady and stable but dynamic leadership"
experience has gone for decades, kids who most needed attention and guidance, special ed
"someone with a great sense of ability to affirm"
particularly healthy and fresh
staff, teachers in the school, students in the school
"lives lived for the benefit of others"
"chance to take the strong leadership..."
"push, prod, encourage, and direct people"
guidance and insight in terms of policy, budget, curriculum
"dozens awards presented by us"
get students involved in their community
"type of leadership that for a pivotal point for us"

Monfredo: none of us is here to vote against another person
"depending on how you view the situation"
I had suggested Ms. Binienda...independent set of eyes
"that mindset as we move forward to the future"

Biancheria: leader who has produced leaders
creates a different pathway to bold innovative pathway for her students
effort has created 37 items on the (School Committee) agenda over the past seven years
list of certifications "it's amazing"
"not only what a principal can do with her students, but what a person can do in her community"
pathway in her community

Foley: most important job we have before us on the School Committee is appointment of the superintendent
national search
work among ourselves and with community to set strategic direction
"that is the road ahead of us for the next seven months...that is not the decision before us tonight"
merits and characteristics of those who will apply for the job
"we have to get it right; we have to get the right person for our district"
"least disruptive"
professional best practice is to look at the number two person, have the other individual stay in place

Petty: to pull one of our top principals out of the high schools midyear is a disservice to the students

Deb Catamero, principal of Burncoat Prep:
tremendous journey as a Level 4 school
thank Dr. Boone to lead Burncoat Prep to transformation
thanks Dr. Meade-Montague and Dr. Rodrigues
though poised to exit Level 4, work is nowhere near complete
"engage with experienced district leaders"
Rodrigues has been directly involved these past years
ensure effective resources in place
"people in the right place already on the bus"
move this district forward while we elected a new superintendent
"with so much at stake, I urge you to put Dr. Rodrigues in place"
"seamlessly lead the district while a new superintendent is chosen"

Sue O'Neil, principal Worcester Arts Magnet
first quarter is set
initiatives like these have taken level of colleagial work between buildings
Please safeguard contiunity

Jen Davis Carey, Worcester Education Collaborative
think carefully about the qualities needed in a district leader
large district, 50 buildings, budget of "nearly" $370M, nearly 4000 staff
"sound experience of..managing the relationship of the district and state departments...and federal departments"
interim with demonstrated insight into needs of each of our 44 schools
"range of gifts and learning styles of each of the children in our city"
"maintain stability over the next few months"
orderly transition back to permanent successor

Rose Dawkins, principal Worcester East Middle
"have worked under five superintendents"
many changes that have happened in the Worcester Public Schools
Rodrigues quickly came to support innovation school as it moves forward
"talking from my heart and not from a written script"
"don't have the district staff to support all the principals"
"have two quadrant managers to take care of all of the Worcester Public Schools"
"You're right, Mr. O'Connell, this is a pivotal moment for" WPS...suggest Rodrigues take the helm

LEI: have learned that we are one of the larger groups doing after school work
whatever next steps we take are very clear and open to everyone in Worcester
concerned about four months, as that doesn't leave a lot of time for input
"not just important that the process is clear, but also how you reach the next steps, so we are able to understand and are able to weigh in"
weigh in on qualifications for our next leader
identify outside groups
"who is Worcester now? who is in our schools now?"
25% special need, more than 30% ELL, Latino students, part of that screening group
lift the outcome for all of our students
"urge you stay the course"

Bill Coleman
"first just let me say thank you to Dr. Melinda Boone"
"decision that you make tonight...."
"being a retired educator and now working in the Worcester Public Schools"
"I've seen what has happened in our school system"
"I would hope that some of the talent that we have in our public schools DO apply" for permanent
interim "must have least disruption"
"must be laid down" and what will continue
"realize that this is interim"

sorry, missed name:
a parent and a grandparent, wife who went through WPS
eight year at Union Hill, who is a special education student
"occasion issues taken to Dr. Rodrigues"...very dynamic
"I agree with those, like the Mayor, who" support Rodrigues

Vote to appoint Rodrigues, 4-3, Biancheria, Monfredo, O'Connell opposed
Suspending the rules to reconsider fails (it takes a 2/3 vote)
note that this means the decision does not take effect for 48 business hours.

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