Friday, October 2, 2015

Big day on the federal level

Post to come on the news of Secretary Duncan's resignation and former NY Commissioner John King taking his place (suffice for now to say: not good news). However, two quick things that I had missed in the change of month:

  • October 1 started the new fiscal year on the federal level, and, no, they haven't passed a budget yet. We're into continuing resolutions (CR) and trying to fend of sequestration again.
  • The Healthy and Hunger-free Child Act (that's school lunch) has expired. Here's hoping that they don't mess that up in renewal. This wrong in many particulars editorial in the New York Times last Sunday didn't help, 'though this Huffington Post post responded correctly and with links (I just wish it had gotten the same level of circulation that the Times article surely did). 

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