Thursday, October 1, 2015

Arts Magnet Program: Report of the Superintendent

You can find the report here
Arts Magnet program reviewed: assets and challenges, vision that was developed, highlight some recommendations
Four challenges:

  • scarcity of resources
  • need for facilities improvements
  • lack of recognition for arts magnets

Vision middle school with 10 weeks of arts modalities; then move in to twnety weeks of 2 arts
high school integrated in a more formal way in an expanded way
"that their students not be limited by one art form"
more creativity and more control of what happens to middle school students
expand arts curriculum to learn media arts
develop reliable and convenient funding sources
offer alternative and options to middle school students
improved communication 

next steps to create a specific subcommittee to create an action plan
charge those subcommittees 
FY16 budget increase for arts magnet

Monfredo: exactly what we were talking about subcommittee last week
informing parents about the great programs that go on in our schools
thanks to SOFA "have been relentless in supporting the arts"

Biancheria: when we talk about pathways, this is the example
gives kids a chance to try things outside of school

O'Connell: some years back there was a sense that arts were more enrichment
dramatic change and evolution 
continue to stress, continue to develop

Foley: found that the best part of the report was the quotes
quirky kids at Worcester Arts Magnet
opportunity for students who want to explore the arts to explore that pathway in an environment that's supportive of it

Ramirez: getting Lesley to do the recommendation: "that's awesome"
Great value 

and then I talked for awhile...
I asked about if the middle school process was changed (right now, kids pick a speciality on entering middle school)...essentially, they're talking about it
I asked if we were talking about the magnet program reflecting the district...response was about getting the word out to parents (and an observation of the change in the dance program in particular, which looks a lot more like the district)
I floated that we should perhaps should consider someone with some authority around scheduling being in charge of the arts magnet program
And I recommended to the administration the specific (and many) mentions of the need for facilities in their recommendations to us

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