Thursday, July 23, 2015

South High pool

O'Connell introduces Palmieri
Councilor Palmieri speaks of community need for pool
"will work cooperatively and do any and everything that I can" to make this happen
Biancheria: thank for interest
hope that conversations of past can be packaged for use of building committee
Petty: difference of opinion around timeline (with Palmieri)
if we don't get invited to continue forward with building, we can talk about other funding for fixing current pool
Novick: is it the intent that we would raise this as part of a major rebuild? or is the intent to fix the current pool?
if it is to fix the current pool, it remains on top of the school's electrical plant. That is not possible, responsibly.
If the intent is to bring it forward as part of a major renovation or rebuild, we should be aware of the history of Newton North, the "Taj Mahal" of high schools, which caused a restructuring of how schools are funded in Massachusetts
Boone: the story of the South pool is the story of the South pool
"water and electricity just don't mix"
very valuable asset we are unable to use
in intial conversations with the state have indicated that we'd like to continue with this asset
"I cannot recommend the repair of the pool" as moving the plant would cost $200,000 plus fixing the pool
if the community is interested in that, we will have to discuss how to pay for it
Petty: send to F&O; if MSBA work fails to move, will look for private funding

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