Monday, July 13, 2015

Acting HR, acting Goddard principal announced today

We've just received the following from Superintendent Boone:

I am pleased to announce two acting appointments: Mark Brophy, Acting Human Resource Manager and Yuisa Perez-Chionchio, Acting Principal of Goddard School of Science and Technology. 


Mr. Brophy has served in the Worcester Public Schools’ Human Resource Department since 2000.  I will post the vacancy this week for the Human Resource Manager. 


Prior to this acting appointment, Ms. Perez-Chionchio served Worcester Public Schools as the Director of Supplemental Academic Programs and Services.  Goddard School’s progress the last several years reflects the shared commitment of teachers, families, students and community.  You are aware that we have been engaged in the search for a permanent principal.  However, that initial search did not yield the leadership match we were seeking to continue the progress underway.  Mrs. Perez-Chionchio has a wealth of experience as a K-12 teacher and educational leader including services for English Language Learners, curriculum and academic interventions that support high student achievement.

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