Wednesday, July 22, 2015

About that public health grant

Among the outcomes of last night's marathon Worcester City Council meeting is that all of the eleven organizations, including Mosaic, that receive the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund grant will have that spending audited. That includes the Worcester Public Schools.
WPS receives approximately $14,000 for the nursing department and $8000 for Head Start as reimbursement (aka: we don't receive it as a separate grant item) for the work that's being done on asthma. This is a working group with local hospitals to collect data (working directly with kids) on cutting down incidents of absences among kids with asthma by keeping them healthier by being certain their treatments are followed. Given the incidents of asthma among our students--high--it's very imporant work, and we've already started to see results!
Thanks to the budget office for this. As I learn more about the auditing process, I'll post on it.

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