Friday, July 10, 2015

Not all good news on FY16

While we're still glad we've got our 21 IAs for this coming year, it's not all good news for FY16 coming out of the conference committee:
While Worcester avoided a budget hole with its kindergarten aides, it’s now facing another sizeable deficit after a cherry sheet released by the state showed the city’s fiscal 2016 charter school reimbursement money came in roughly $650,000 below what local officials had estimated, according to Mr. Allen. While he said the district had budgeted about $350,000 extra next year with the expectation there would be at least some shortfall, that would still leave $300,000 they would have to make up.
“That’s concerning,” he said, adding it was still too early as of Friday to say how the school department could close the gap.
Watch the quarterly budget updates. We'll have to find it somewhere.

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