Friday, April 26, 2013

What did they do to Ways and Means

As usual, the Mass Budget and Policy Center has a rundown on what changes the House made in the Ways and Means budget as they passed amendments. Of most concern? They did it again:
Under the House plan, this extra funding would help further phase-in a reform planned through the FY 2007 budget that recalculates the amount of local revenue required of communities to contribute towards their foundation budgets. Specifically, for districts that are currently above their new target local contributions, the House plan would allow them to reduce their local spending by 15 percent of the amount they're above their target. Reducing required contributions often leads to greater Chapter 70 aid. Distributing extra funding this way disproportionately provides greater funding for wealthier communities, since they tend to be above their target contributions.
It really is troubling that there is such a poor understanding of what Chapter 70 is designed to do. More work to do there, clearly.

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