Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goddard Scholars program (before the Accountability and Student Achievement)

request was for students enrolled and students completing at the end of the past four years
(It's about 95 for each year for both seventh and eighth grade together and it tracks pretty closely in terms of retention)
Jason DeFalco, principal at Sullivan Middle, which housing Goddard Scholars.

Goddard is now using MCAS as the sole determinate for admission, which is a change from past practice.
DeFalco mentions the expansion in diversity in the enrollment in the past few years; over half now in free and reduced lunch
kids coming out of the collaboratives, which was not true in the past
goal was working on diversiving the population: open houses and outreach to parents has been very strong in the past few years
Novick asks that Perda's report on admissions be forwarded to Goddard Scholars' innovation team for their consideration; requests that admissions be part of the report before School Committee in the early fall, when the plan is up for reconsideration
Biancheria asks about open houses and parent outreach, as the application deadline is February 15
shadow days
number applied, number enrolled
we're playing around with some numbers here: the letter that went out to parents had 48 enrolled out of 190 who applied for the incoming sixth grade. That reflects pretty closely the about-50-student classes above. DeFalco further explains that GSA had to admit a seventh grade class, as well.
Sixth through eighth grade we're projecting enrollment of 148 students total
Biancheria speaks of the accelerated program of GSA
DeFalco mentions that Goddard Scholars continues through South High
Biancheria asks for distribution by zip code of students; DeFalco mentions that students can enter as freshmen at South as well
Sullivan's site council has parents from GSA as well as general Sullivan parents
wraparound coordinator has been creating a parent networks; Sullivan Seminar Parent edition each month
Biancheria asks for comparison of MCAS scores of Goddard students versus non-Goddard students
66% ELA; 70% math in MCAS (for Sullivan)
DeFalco: "students are really growing in their time with us"
Biancheria: "...best practices that are at the Academy" to share citywide..."trying to help our middle schools as best as possible"
Biancheria asking about retention in the high school level, asking for a report
DeFalco "evolution" of program, support through the evolutionary process of the program
Monfredo asks about the application process, then plans for expansion; DeFalco says that they would very much like that

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