Monday, April 29, 2013

Vote tomorrow

I realize that many of you already know this, and so posted with apologies to those of you who have already had several phone calls this evening asking if you have "a voter plan" for tomorrow.

It is an Election Day in Massachusetts tomorrow.
There is a primary for one of Massachusetts' two Senate seats.
If you are a Republican, you can vote for Gabriel Gomez, Mike Sullivan, or Dan Winslow.
If you are a Democrat, you can vote for Stephen Lynch or Ed Markey.
If you are registered with the Green, Libertarian, Pirate, or other party, you do not have a primary tomorrow.
If you are unenrolled--in Massachusetts, this means you are registered to vote, but not registered to a party--you may vote in EITHER primary. Just tell them when you come in which ballot you would like. It does not change your unenrolled status.
If you live in Worcester, that's it.

If you live in a Massachusetts town, though, there's a pretty good chance that you have town elections, as well. I know I have said this before, but it's important: you should vote in these elections! It is not unusual for these positions to be determined by very narrow margins; your vote really matters. Plus, these are the people who decide how much your water bill is going to be, if they're going to repave your street, if that development down the street can go in, and (quite possibly) how you're spending money on schools. In terms of most of us, our local officials have the most to do with most of how we live.
And ALL REGISTERED VOTERS can vote for these positions.
Go choose them tomorrow.

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