Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

The Worcester School Committee will have a pre-February vacation meeting this Thursday at 7pm at Worcester Tech. You can find the agenda here.
Big report coming in this week: we will be getting the stakeholders' recommendations for Burncoat Prep this week. More on that to follow!
(Side note: this is the report the stakeholders came up with and presented to the superintendent as she/the administration put together the Level 4 plan for the school. Thus the School Committee is really getting this report as a courtesy at this point; we aren't voting on anything yet. I just has to check that myself.)
Two subcommittees met and are reporting back (TLSS and F&O...in both cases, notes are posted on here. Agenda backup to come.)
We're getting a report back on how the revamped Challenge and Reach Academies at Fanning are working.
A number of items going out to administration, as well.

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