Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where Massachusetts stands on education funding

This came out a week ago; sorry for the late posting!
The Mass Budget and Policy Center has published an analysis of where Massachusetts is on education funding, using the FY09 funding numbers (the more recent available). A few things of note:
  • Massachusetts continues to rank high in terms of both nominal per-pupil spending, ranking 7th in the nation, and cost-adjusted spending, ranking 10th 
  • education spending in Massachusetts as a share of the state’s economy essentially mirrored the national average in FY 2009 
in other words, in terms of what we have, we spend an average amount on education

For all that this sounds like a report only for the ed funding geeks (I know who you are!), it's very accessibly written and raises some interesting points. Well worth reading the whole thing (about four pages).

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