Thursday, September 15, 2011

Opening of school report

We're leading with a list of people in new positions: from director of career and vocational education, wraparound zone manager, athletic director, staffing coordinator, instructional support personnel, and several department heads.
New principals at Elm Park, Wawecus, Sullivan, Tatnuck Magnet
New assistant principals at South, Tech, Challenge & Reach, Belmont Street, Grafton Street, LakeView, Lincoln Street

Total enrollment as of September 12: 23,902 which is up 245 from last year (the official number will be on October 1)
demographic bumps going through system (5th is smaller than 6th, for example)
Elementary TEACHER to student ratio is 1 to 21.7
adult to student is 19.6 to 1
in kindergarten it's 13.8 to 1
there are no K-6 classes greater than 30; 45 classes between 27 and 30; 200 classes between 23-26; 326 less than 326
159 new hires as of September 15; 1849 payroll changes
WPS has 3780 employees which makes us the city's third largest employee (the city itself is ninth)
wraparound zones, innovation schools, instructional coaches full time at each high school, Mandarin Chinese expanded to grade 9 (at Claremont)
dual language immersion expanded to grade 3 (in Spanish)
AP courses have increased 48.8% since 2009-10
automotive program at Burncoat
new vet program at Tech
heading on track for ch.74 approval for North High's health academy
Year 2 of AP Art History with Worcester Art Museum
9,600 breakfasts: 15 Breakfast in the classroom
15,900 lunches
13 schools with state fruit and vegetable state grant
95 large buses, 94 special ed and out-of-district vehicles
10,000 miles a day/ 1.8 million miles a year
North High: first new comprehensive high school opened in the city since South in 1978
all classroom furniture manufactured in Worcester
solar panel on theater roof
parking lot and athletic fields completed next year

Summer Projects
Worcester East Middle: refinished hardwood floors under the carpets (which were removed)
new cafeteria floor
painting and whiteboards throughout
science labs out to bid
new bathrooms installed
gym floor refinished and restriped
science labs renovated
new flooring on the 4th floor
painting throughout
new bathrooms
new lockers
South High
carpeting replaced or redone
student bathrooms redone
security contracts
painting in bathrooms and hallways
locker replacement
paving next spring

Technology: 1000 PCs and 1000 monitors out of 6000 total in the city
an additional 225 document cameras, projectors, mobile carts
I-Pad pilot at McGrath Elementary
9 new secondary computer labs

state is saying sometime next week for district and school results
student reports to be sorted and released after that
it is expected that the new round of "levels" will also be released at that time (no, Superintendent Boone didn't say that from the floor; I asked her beforehand)

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