Thursday, September 15, 2011

security cameras

Biancheria asks for a report coming back to the full committee before referral to F&O
"once we have established what the needs are, we can move it onto Operations, or perhaps to Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports"
concern that it might take months to come before F&O
"would prefer to know up front"
working with partners, working with city, police
"missed opportunities...looking for School Committee to be onboard with this, be on the forefront of what our schools need"
"safety is always on the first page"
asks for a report for the latter part of November
"and if there are cameras, perhaps we need more"
Boone cautions on the amount of information we can make public
O'Connell reminds us all that we can discuss this in executive session
Foley: could ask for the report to be done and through subcommittee by the first week of December
(as he's chair of F&O, he sets the agenda there)
Biancheria: as long as we take it in this timeframe

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