Thursday, September 1, 2011

Principals and how we hire them: cohorts

We've got a report back here on how we hire principals, how we are promoting people in-house, out-of-house
Concern expressed here from Salmonsen on the hiring process: public
also in-house hiring vs. out-of-district hiring
Boone on Elm Park: needed connections with partners, needed experienced principal
community involvement>>>candidates to superintendent
majority of in-district trained principals are elementary
chose an Elm Park candidate for Sullivan Middle (without consulting Sullivan Middle community, which is the concern here)
"with no loss of time...would have taken two months for Sullivan"
(why did it not take two months for Wawecus?)
Luster: everyone who gets trained and credentialed doesn't apply
only about 10% have experience to become a principal

questions surrounding how it is that we have public participation in the process of hiring a principal
we got a rundown from Luster on that: two panels including parents and teachers for reviewing resumes and for the first round interview

Biancheria: funding that engages our community
trying so hard to get community engagement: Sullivan deserved input somewhere along the line; "difference between applying to one particular site and did well there" than with applying somewhere else
"unfortunate that they lost out on that"

O'Brien: superintendent ultimately responsible for the performance of those schools

O'Connell: public attention, public concern
"has told us what the rationale was"
"is an issue of public interest"
"is done on the surface, is done in the sunlight"

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