Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Predictions for 2010

...from NYC, but we should pay attention:
Just last week, Mr. Klein had announced the closing of the last remaining public high school in the city. The DOE had been closing more and more "underperforming" schools, with students from each one flooding the few non-charter schools that were left. It is unclear just where the 253,763 students from Alfred E .Neuman High School in Queens will go next year, but the chancellor had a reassuring message for concerned parents. "The good news," said Mr.Klein, "is that with virtually no schools left, the high school application process has been considerably simplified."
(and yes, these are in jest. We think.)


Joe said...

Did you get this from the Onion?
You know who Alfred E. Newman is, right- the red-haired guy on the cover of MAD magazine....

Maybe you should be writing for the Onion.

Tracy Novick said...

I do know who Alfred E. Newman is...it just hits a bit close to reality. Always the danger with satire.
I can't take credit: it comes from Gotham Schools (http://gothamschools.org/).
I usually keep my satire offline. It's too easy for people to think you're serious.

Joe said...

Ah- I wasn't sure because you're very good about linking your sources.