Thursday, December 17, 2009


"return to 1993"
new money coming along with additional requirements
"not a lot of dollars"
holding to Jan. 7 meeting
"concerned there won't be many answers forthcoming"
won't know how many schools are Level 4 or 5 until MOU is coming in?

how much time do we have before we have to take the actions required here (as the state is now providing support on underperforming schools rather than punishing them)?
students that stay in our schools for a period of time do well

possible of dollars coming in for some of student steps

agree with some points of Race to the Top; don't agree with others (mention of charter schools)
When would we get the money? for next year?
Boone thinks so.
What takes precident: MOU or collective bargaining? MA has developed language saying that the MOU doesn't override contracts.

If we have no choice on January 7, we need additional dollars, but need additional dollars.


Neil and Joan said...

Jack Foley states, students that stay in our schools for a period of time do well---

When the State's EQA board came in for an audit, we had believed Mr. Foley's statement to be true. However, when we completed the data analysis, we were proven wrong. Someone should run these data again to see if they support his statement,

Tracy Novick said...

I've heard this a few times, and I agree...I'd like to know how we do with kids who don't move versus those who do.