Saturday, March 1, 2008

What's up next

As Tuesday night's City Council forwarded this discussion to the Education Subcommittee, and they, at Thursday afternoon's meeting, decided to jointly chair a meeting with the School Committee's business sub-committee about the budget (did you follow all of that?), they are the first people to speak with on this. The Education Subcommittee are Councilors Toomey (chair), Smith, and Eddy.
It's a bit unclear what happens with the request that the School Committee passed on Thursday night. As the City Council had jumped the gun and already sent the request to the subcommittee before the School Committee had passed that request, it's unlikely that they will take it up again. Under Chairman's Orders, however, they are able to comment on such subjects as the budget even if they don't make the agenda. It's worth keeping an eye on.

UPDATE: The Council agenda for March 4 is up and there's no mention of this.

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