Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The beginning of a voting bloc

At least one councilor is willing to vote for a tax increase for schools.
(Told this at last night's city council meeting)

That's a start! Let's keep those letters coming!

To say "We can't afford to raise taxes" is the easy answer.

To say "We can't afford to cut more from our schools; that means we have to raise taxes" takes real political courage. The Council needs to hear that we voters will back them on this. They also need to hear that we will remember their positions on this when the next election rolls around. Some of the councilors (particularly a few district councilors) believe that they will not continue in office if they vote for a tax increase.

Let's tell them that just the reverse is true: a vote against our schools, against our kids, will put them out of office.

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