Thursday, March 20, 2008

Give us a number

How much, we've wondered, would the average Worcester property tax bill go up if the City Council can't find $5 million elsewhere and needs to add this to the tax levy?

$82 per year

As taxes are assessed quarterly, that would be $20.50 every three months.

(The requisite fine print: the Department of Revenue determines the "average" Worcester house value to be $248, 150. Worcester levied $190,500,000 in taxes for the current fiscal year, for a residential tax rate of $12.54, and the additional $5m will produce a tax levy of $195.5m, for a residential rate of $12.87. The commercial rate will increase on this account from $26.20 per thousand to $26.89 per thousand. The residential tax would go up by 33¢ per thousand of assessed value.)

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