Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October Board of Ed: dyslexia

Johnston: early literacy screening panel
2018: Chapter 272 requires screening procedures and protocols including for dyslexia
process of vendor for this process
received no bids to RFR posted in December 2018
put out an RIF: request for information
what would it take to change our RIF to get vendors the second time out
may have packed too much into request: may not find a vendor who can do guideline development and screening and training
new RIF in the spring
contracted with new vendor Pivot Learning
completed in September
plus training for educators across the state: dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia; popular course
have launched website relative to dyslexia
continue to bring attention to that site
"I worry that these recommendations could sit on a shelf" unless we consider how they can get into an IEP, for example
what is found in a screening process "needs to lead to intervention"
stakeholder meetings in January 2020 for input and materials review
feedback cycles on draft materials
make sure that it is well-understood what districts are already doing and how does this fit with that
"This all needs to work together and this needs to fit together"
Craven: how are advocacy groups being involved?
Johnston: continuing updates

Moriarty: really am pleased to hear the depth of work
most pleased by the depth of interest in field
"have to learn differently, have to be taught differently"
"I don't claim to have genuine expertise" but an interest: getting kids the right instruction
"a lot of work the Department is doing with multi-tiered system of support"
"a screening is not a diagnosis"

Peyser: potential scope and scale of this challenge
concerned about it being solely a special education issue
more general approach towards early reading and instruction

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