Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October Board of Ed: competency determination going forward

Riley: have kept the old standard for two classes, considering doing it for a third as we consider what a new standard could be going forward
Wulfson: continuing series of discussions and briefings this year
most momentous decision this year
should recommendation currently out for public comment be adopted, interim standard will extend through 2023, current 9th graders
this discussion is about the class of 2024 and beyond
key element in this process will be appointment of advisory committee for his recommendation to come to you
committee will have access to student work samples
engage with educators in the field: K-12 and higher ed
public comment
consider if there should be more than one cut score to represent different levels of achievement
statistical work on what MCAS results in the past can teach us about the likelihood of success after high school
"some interesting finds of that study"
presentation on that at the joint meeting with Higher Ed in January at Mount Wachusett Community College

Craven: widespread passage
hard to articulate success rate connection with others
Wulfson: 95%

Mills: recommendation will go to Commissioner
Riley: yes, and then you take the vote
oho...and that determination is under the purview of the Board, which is a public body. They are advising the Commissioner, yes, but on something that is not under his purview. There is an argument here that this advisory committee would also be a public body

Wulfson in response to Q from Moriarty: descriptions at each grade level had been re-thought

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