Sunday, April 22, 2018

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

and there's a BUDGET update! 

Note, first, that it's the annual school choice hearing. This, remember, is school choice IN; school choice OUT of the district is required to be allowed. Generally, the administration's recommendation is "yes, where there is space."

The main agenda is here. Lots of recognitions opening the program (it could be that the National Anthem will be particularly good!).

The report of the Superintendent is an FY19 budget update; as the House budget pushed WPS Ch. 70 aid up nearly a million dollars ($981,951) AND some of the "change in low income" pothole funds would be heading for Worcester (that's $12.5M in the House) PLUS there's discussion of at least FBRC and low income allotments in the amendments...there are things to discuss. Keep your eye on the agenda to see if the backup gets posted before the meeting. Also note that setting a date for the budget hearings is on this agenda; I assume they're the June meetings, but I have yet to see the posting of the public hearing. 

There is an administrative response to the changes in math and ELA frameworks...which is one page? There should be some concern there, as one thing the state called out on the Comprehensive District Review was the lack of implementation of framework changes and of cohesion across the district.

There is a response to a query regarding expanding the 365Z Kindness Club.

The committee is requested to accept:
 - $34.50 to Tatnuck Magnet School from Yankee Candle
- $4,312.20 to Canterbury Street Magnet Computer-Based School from the meat raffle
- $2,000.00 from the Pappas Scholarship Fund to Worcester Technical High School to be awarded to a worthy football student.

And also:
- The Capital Skills grant of $464,616, which looks like it's being used for Graphic Design equipment at Worcester Tech.
- The Preschool Partnership grant of $20,000, which is being used to create a "Child Well-being Dashboard" for the community.

There are requests for recognitions.

Ms. Biancheria would like an organizational chart for when an emergency happens in the district.
She'd also like to know how many subs there are.
She'd like to know when summer work will be done on the schools.
She'd like the Administration "review the section in the Budget regarding Worcester Public Schools’ vehicles and indicate the way in which they are identified as such." I don't know what that means. It was page 175 last year, and it looks pretty clear? 

Mr. Comparetto would like the committee to support House budget amendment 246 (Great idea, but too late!).
And he'd like a report on all early childhood programs.

There are also prior fiscal year payments:
- of $10,848.00 from Additions Network.
- of $65.00 from Miniwarehousing for the rental of a unit at Burncoat High School.
- of $250.00 to Ximena Sanchez-Samper who was a presenter at a Youth and Drugs Conference.

There is an executive session for three grievances and collective bargaining with teachers, tradesmen, plumbers, tutors, and parent liaisons which is weird because the contracts are settled. I wonder what's up. 
No live blog as I have a meeting, but you can bet I'll update on budget as I see anything! 

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