Friday, April 20, 2018

The Board of Ed meets Tuesday for April

It looks like a light agenda. It appears from the agenda that the new Commissioner will be filling that seat.

After opening comments, they're having three presentations: one from a Quincy High student on civic engagement, one from the Mass Teacher of the Year, and one from the Milken Award winner.

The monthly update on Level 5 schools will include an update on UP Academy Holland. As that school was in the news last year due to their suspensions, I assume that will come up.

There's a nice rundown of the House Ways and Means budget proposal on education (seriously, this is really good. Is this because they've got Jeff Wulfson back at Deputy?)

There's a request that the Board delegate authority to the Commissioner to decide on management contracts for UP Academy and Collegiate Charter of Lowell. This, quite intentionally, is a decision under the purview of the Board; it may be done during the summer then. (editorial: then have a meeting during the summer)

There's also a report on the early literacy intervention grant.

Tuesday, 8:30 am, in Malden (next month in Marblehead, remember!)

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