Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Board of Ed: history and civics standards

backup is here; note the documents at the bottom
This should be a vote to solicit public comment

Wulfson: extensive consultation with the field
one more round before we ask you to adopt it this school year

Peske introducting Dave Buchanan
also thanks members of the review board

plan is to present today with vote to public comment (comment will run through April 2)
plan for meetings and virtual input
plan then is present final version in June for adoption

priorities: civics and deepening understanding
criteria: improving rigor, clarity, coherence

new full year civics course for grade 8; focus on role of citizens and importance of individuals in democracy
revised integration in every grade
new US Gov and Politics standards (grade 12)
Mission: education for civic life in a democracy
principles: legacy of democratic government, diverse perspectives on civic and historical events, studying current events, data analysis, media literacy

standards: research process, analysis, evaluation of credibility of sources
standards for literacy in history and social sciences

overview of scope and sequency
PreK-1: intro to civics, geography, history, economics, immediate social and community expereince
Gr. 2: world geography
Gr. 3: Massachusetts history and local government
Gr. 4: physical geography of US and North America; early history by region
Gr. 5: U.S. history to the Civil War and the modern Civil Rights movement
Gr. 6 & 7: two year sequence of world history and geography by region; ancient and classical civilizations and selected topics in modern history
Gr. 8: U.S. and Massachusetts Government and civic life
Gr. 9-12: U.S. history I (1700-1920), U.S. history II (1920-2017), World history I (500-1800), World history II (1800-2017)
(revamped dates there to be sure the Civil War and Great Depression are fully covered rather than rushed at semester end)
Electives: U.S. Gov and politics, economics, personal financial literacy
those are half year standards at this point, so they might be incorporated in other courses as wished

Peyser: guiding questions: give serious consideration

Fernandez: how financial literacy would play out in low income areas and about cultural competence in delivery
Buchanan: result of concern over lack of content
as a framework, we don't push how content will be taught
other guidance in working with EL and special ed students
teachers to be fully aware of diverse perspectives within their classrooms
doesn't proscribe within the standards, but prompt teachers to be thoughtful about that and account for it in their teacher

motion to send to public comment carries

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