Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hey, Pittsfield

Good coverage of a thing I did last night.
"The commonwealth of Massachusetts is not doing its fair share in making sure our children are having the best education," Council Vice President John Krol, an avid supporter of the city's school system, said of the current situation.
Here's the Berkshire Eagle
Speaking during public comment, School Committee Chairwoman Katherine Yon said that Novick's presentation was a "beginning." "There are many issues we face in fulfilling our constitutional obligation to our students," Yon said. "Become involved."

And WAMC pulled audio from the meeting:
“And if you keep in mind that most cities are spending at foundation, that means that it’s towns across the commonwealth that in town meetings are voting themselves tax increases in order to fund schools at one-fifth above the minimum required. I think that is a pretty strong statement of where we are at,” O’Connell Novick says.

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