Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FY18 House budget

...which you can find here (though irritatingly, they're still making you download PDFs).

Really, really briefly:

  • it increases Chapter 70 OVER the Governor's budget, both by increasing the health care calculation within the foundation budget (even more than Baker did) and by including a $30/pupil minimum increase per district; the first is an FBRC h/t; the second isn't progressive BUT is less than they tend to do... 
  • regional school transportation up by $1 million (to $62 million) from the Governor's budget
  • circuit breaker up by $4 million over the Governor's budget
  • METCO funding by $500,000 over Governor's budget
  • adds a pothole account of $12.5 million for districts that have been hit the economically disadvantaged calculation
  • Same funding as Governor's budget for McKinney-Vento, school lunch, and charter reimbursement
  • does NOT combine grants like the Governor's budget did (round...two? At least?)

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