Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April Board of Education: Level 5 (focus on UP Holland)

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Russell Johnston speaking: careful planning from teachers
emphasis on students persist with their learning
Tim Nicolette from UP is presenting

presenting demographics on a slide...McKenna asking who's running UP as the CEO left
  • deepening students capacity (for?) understanding
  • students to manage their emotions
  • having partnerships with families and the community

"what does this student's behavior tell us" about what is going on with them?
"overall classroom environments have improved"
"you'll see smiles on kids faces"
suspensions down, referrals down
"involving families in the school"
have had a number of meetings in the year, approaches to discipline, uniforms, involving them in the process
parent council developed "by parents for parents"
focus on a "very positive school community"
dedicated room in the school for that
invite you to come and visit any time you want to

Craven asks about the family engagement impact
McKenna: staff diversity: students are majority student of color, staff now half of color
Sagan: how much turnover was there? and length of day, year?
Year is same, day is longer, staff come back earlier
A: about 10% of staff was retained from before the takeover
only a small number had chosen to apply
McKenna: founder/CEO leaving, sometimes there's concern in turnover
Johnston: outreach from Board, had chance to meet new CEO prior to coming on

Johnston (on others) "Levels are being to promote student improvement"
Dever "thinking about the budget autonomy it has" on reaching students
UP on mainstreaming students
Parker on its schedule
"not just have a turnaround plan in place and let it run its course, but continue to refine"
"built systems to look at data, not only when they're administered, but weekly"
he also just listed a bunch of tests I've never heard of

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