Thursday, December 22, 2016

Worcester's enrollment is up!

h/t to Scott O'Connell for the story today. Good graph, too.
Now, you all remember how this works, right?

From the article, it looks as though that's still shaking out.
As MassBudget wrote last month, while the economically disadvantaged count is improving in accuracy, there are still fixes need. Worcester, of course, actually did better on the economically disadvantaged allocation (there were districts that did considerably worse through the count) last year. What those numbers look like this time round is a very good question (and one that's being watched like a hawk by the Gateway Cities in particular).

I was reminded today that the ELL count is also something that's being watched (see slide 33 from last year for the mention). Assuming that was about the new guidance on ELL students, I don't see the issue, but I've asked for more.

Assuming there isn't a huge hit on either of those, it should be mildly good news in FY18.
...which reminds me that I haven't checked the inflation rate lately...

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