Thursday, December 22, 2016

a few blogging notes for year end

  • I'm reworking the "helpful links" sidebar (see ---->>> if you're on a full screen); I've dropped some of the Worcester-links, and I'm adding some DESE ones. Let me know if there are ones you'd find helpful. I'll link to the new state Joint Committee on Education when we know who is appointed.
  • I'm still not thrilled with the new color scheme...I am finding the wider blog posts easier to read, though, which is what I made the changes for. 
  • I don't always tweet when there are new posts, but I just about always link to them on my blogging Facebook page, so you can follow that if that's helpful. Likewise, the summary reports for MASC always show up under "Novick Reports" on the MASC page. 

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