Monday, February 29, 2016

Who is refusing compromise?

Be sure you read the Globe coverage of the charter debate today, and, after you notice that they once again seem not to be able to manage to find anyone to talk on the other side other than the MTA (sigh...), note who it is that appears to be unwilling to compromise here.
The Senate, he says, will look not just at expanding the number of charter schools allowed in the state, but at a wide range of issues that reflect critics’ concerns about charters — from financing, to governance, to admission and retention of hard-to-educate populations, like special needs students and English language learners. 
The approach does not sit well with charter school supporters. “We have the highest-performing public charter school sector in the nation,” said Mary Jo Meisner, executive vice president of communications at the Boston Foundation, which has been a strong charter advocate. “Opening that up to radical change is a scary thought.”
Admitting and retaining the same kids the districts serve...being public about finance and governance decisions. Radical. Scary thought.

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