Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Charter renewals at Board

MLK: Chester: looking for continued sustained improvement beyond what we've seen the past two years
"low attrition, high demand...while it needs to do better, when you look at its performance relative to other schools in Springfield, it's in the top tier of Springfield schools"
Willyard: DCA set a bad precedent of revoking a charter mid-cycle
Stewart: not clear about what you'll use on holding harmless on test
what will you be using on mathematics and ELA; how does that apply?
Chuang: a decision that we have left up to the schools with regards to testing
will revisit this after the testing from this year
Chester: "There's no hold harmless in MLK in this respect" (met with immediate outcry)
Willyard: "this is an untested, untried...."
Chester: we said it did not apply to Level 4 and 5
McKenna: very clear that it did
Sagan doesn't want that on the table
Chester: will depend on their assessment
Moriarty: just want to make it clear that if there's a recommendation coming forward to close it, and all that changed was test scores: you almost certainly will not get my support
Noyce: said that there are many other reasons other than test scores when a school goes Level 4 or 5
if only issues is lack of growth, revoking would be premature
Let's remember all of this next year!
Charter granted

Boston Green Academy: Chester:  recommended for renewal with probation
responsive to the conditions we've put on them
not where they need to be
looking for continued sustained improvement
carries 10-0

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