Thursday, August 21, 2014

Innovation Schools renewals

Boone: sharing progress of initial five innovation schools at that time in May
schools fully review plans, tweaks or adjustments
Rodrigues: data analyze data so far
see if intended goals have made it, or changes that need to be made
questions to principals at length
Novick: sorry, I took the floor first, and I had a bunch of questions; I'll write them up later
O'Connell: is the lottery a change? (for Goddard Scholars, on whose innovation board he sits)
short version, no
O'Connell: gifted and talented practices changes (on Goddard Scholars)
Ryan: past three years, attending
consultants from UConn; "use their model for how it fits our program"
included a lot of guest speakers and college trips
enrichment clusters "deepen our use of Renzuli learning" to further student interestes
there is a service project component at the end of the year
O'Connell: give innovation schools a chance to develop their programs
deference to schools
"in the end decision left up to the schools"
"shining lights of what our schools have to offer"
Boone: "how do we build a preK-12 pathway"
retention of families and children in schools
Monfredo: five schools of eight in the city here tonight; Worcester has more than anyone
professional development as part of the plan
"ask the parents"
"adding in some of the schools a full day preschool program" (note: pending funding)
"let's develop or consider developing another model such as Goddard Scholars"
Biancheria: "not being just an independent unit...'part of a larger community'"
community responsibility, community involvement, positive attitudes
look at the focus of how we move forward as a city and as a community
hearing of best practices and bringing forward to administration
Foley: "school starts next week...want to be sure everyone's ready to go"
"two factors I want to highlight: strong leadership in these schools...what people don't talk about enough is the strong engagement of the faculty"
"I think that's how our schools are successful"
innovation school plan updates approved

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