Thursday, August 28, 2014

About the teacher survey and anonymity

After we had the report last week on the teacher survey, I saw some questions circulating online about the legitimacy of the survey results, given that teachers are asked for their years of experience and the level they teach, which could be used to identify them.
Should that have been holding anyone back, I asked about that, and here's what you should know about the information:
Individuals can feel even more secure about their anonymity being protected because:
*It is not possible to view data by role, years of experience, or any other demographic information at the school or district level.
*Demographic data will only be reported at the state level.
*If the Department decides in the future to make raw data available to districts for further research, demographic information will be removed"
I got this from our Accountability department; it's from the FAQ on the survey.
Worcester doesn't see it, the principals don't see it, and the state only views the results in aggregate (e.g.: they can see that elementary teachers in general said X).
So, please answer, please be honest, and those that have, thank you!

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