Thursday, December 20, 2012

School Committee meets tonight at 7

The Worcester School Committee meets at 7 pm tonight. You can find the agenda here.
  • We have the staff of the Fanning Building coming in to be recognized for the Thanksgiving that they have every year for their students. 
  • We're being asked to open negotiations with our secretaries.
  • We've got an item coming over from the City Council on the South High pool (which last I checked, was actually still in the City Council Parks and Rec subcommittee, awaiting an administrative answer. Checking that again.)
  • Finance and Operations is reporting out (but not TLSS, which was cancelled due to weather).
  • Teacher appointments coming through.
  • We have reports back from administration on class sizes at Union Hill; on community gardens; and on principal contracts and work days.
  • We're changing the reimbursement per mile (as required).
  • We've got several requests going into Administration, including a request for a report on the incidents last week near North High.
  • And we vote for a new vice chair, as the School Committee traditionally has single year terms for vice chair.
7 pm (and no exec beforehand, so probably about on time!)

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