Monday, December 10, 2012

It appears that I will have to post this here

I wasn't going to post on today's T&G editorial, which largely repeats much of what was said in earlier editorials, as well as repeats some of last Tuesday's confusion. It also continues the "math is hard" attitude that the budget is far too complicated for mere humans.
This last is simply not true.
As is my habit, 'though, I read the comments, because it's not uncommon for legitimate questions from citizens to show up in response to such a column. Thus this evening, I responded to a series of questions regarding the WPS budget with a post much like the following:
It does not take 'significant expertise' to understand the Worcester Public Schools budget, which is a straightforward document (and intentionally so).
You can find the WPS administration budget--which includes both central and school-based administration--on page 99 of the FY13 budget here:
For this fiscal year, the Worcester Public Schools have budgeted $11.4 million for administration, of which $2.5 million is for central administration; the remainder is school-based administration, which includes principals and assistant principals.
If you are interested in the positions within central administration, you can find that in the Durkin building budget on page 288 of the FY13 here:
This includes every position that works in the Durkin Administration Building, including all secretaries and support staff. Salaries are specified by position. 
Over the past several years, we have had a smaller number of central administrators than previously.
The comment was posted at about 6:20 this evening.
It appears, however, that this comment displeased someone, for it was 'removed' at 6:26.

I will only add that for those who have confusion regarding the WPS budget, there are many of us who would be more than happy to answer your questions.
When we are given the chance.


Noah R. Bombard said...

Actually, it looks like in this case there were some random letters in the url that matched an abbreviation for a phrase that is in our filter.

Tracy Novick said...

The mind reels.